Create QR codes for composing text messages and predefined content to increase customer interaction with Square QR's QR code generator software.

Speed up communication by enabling consumers to send your business predefined text messages in seconds. Use an SMS marketing channel to make the process of registration, donation, or getting a password even easier.

Provide Better Customer Service

Empower customers to send your business a predefined SMS text to make reservations, confirmations, cancelations quickly and with no hassle. No need to look for a phone number, think about the wording and worry about the SMS not being delivered. Automate the process with Square QR SMS QR codes, for optimum customer satisfaction.

Send Messages Effectively without Internet

The effectiveness of SMS QR code marketing channels is proven even in areas with no internet connection. Customers simply do not need the internet to scan the code or to send the prewritten message to the business. Reaching out directly to the business has not been easier!

Enhance Mobile Convenience

For short and necessary interactions, SMS QR codes are the best! Scan a QR code to automatically open up the messaging app with a previously inserted phone number and prewritten text. All your customers need to do is to click on “send”. Simple and fast.