An overview of all types of QR codes you can generate with Square QR.

URL QR Codes

URL QR codes
Increase traffic to your website, share a YouTube video with a recent interview, give your customers access to your online stores, link your documents, promotions, and menus or advertise your products with URL QR codes.

Email QR codes

Empower effortless communication via email
Enable customers to email you with a single click - no need to enter the email address, think about the subject line, or worry about the content. The predefined email is ready to be sent as soon as the QR code is scanned.

Vcard QR codes

Exchange contact details with your network in one click
Generate a QR code for a vCard. Just scan one static QR code to give all of the contact information you want to another person.

Social media QR codes

Connect with your audience on social media
Create stunning social media QR codes to link to your social profiles and boost your engagement rates.

SMS QR codes

Use SMS as an effective marketing tool
Create QR codes for composing text messages and predefined content to increase customer interaction with Supercode’s QR code generator software.

Feedback QR codes

Receive feedback effectively from clientele
Create interactive feedback QR codes to collect feedback as quickly as possible.

Plain text QR codes

Communicate your messages with ease
With this static QR code, businesses can digitally display text important to convey the message to the reader.

WhatsApp QR codes

Enable customers to reach out from anywhere on WhatsApp
Boost communication between your business and customers by giving them an option to send you predefined WhatsApp messages in seconds.